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Top 5 Best Wilson Tennis Racquets (2021) | Updated

best wilson tennis racquets
wilson tennis racket

The best Wilson tennis racquets are discussed here. Wilson is a popular brand among tennis racquets. There are very good quality tennis racquets in terms of quality. The popular band has a worldwide reputation.

TENNIS, not only a sport of 2/4 people running like rats on a colored, designed, and margined court, but more a bagful of emotions, dreams, and passion. Oh, what an art it is! Watching greats of the game acing with their performance is a joy of another rare kind that cannot be utterly expressed.

Now, I won’t start up with a Bollywood-like dialogue “WILSON, NAAM TOH SUNA HOGA” and make it over-dramatic, but instead would prefer to say that, like every battlefield has a LEADER who leads from the front to make sure that he gets the best out of his soldiers, WILSON, a sporting brand of tools and equipment, enhances and boosts the world of sport with its first-class, flawless and fabulous goods, since 1913. Wilson – not just a name but an icon of this modern era. Wilson is the best tennis racquet brands.


Fellow readers, if you are desperately looking for a quality Wilson Tennis Racket and a hell of much stress about which one to go for, then mate, grab your beer bottle from your fridge, sit back on your couch and scroll down with a morning-like fresh mind, because we have examined and brought you our selected 5 BEST WILSON TENNIS RACQUETS. Yes! You read that right. Enjoy the review as we intend to reveal and present BEST OF THE BESTS TENNIS RACQUETS manufactured by WILSON.



Best Wilson Tennis Racquets

  1. Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet
  2. Wilson Blade 98 v7 (18*20

To commence with, we have at first:-

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 is a masterpiece that came into the markets in late 2020. This version is speedy and wool-like weighed bears a solid resemblance to Roger Federer’s RF97. With its unparallel technology –BRAID 45, the players of intermediate and advanced levels obtain great feel and precision.

Besides, its body ultimately builds with graphite and aramid fibers, designed tactically at a 45-degree angle to escalate feel, pocketing, and solidity while making your move with the racquet. Another innovative technology that has been put in it is Wilson’s string mapping technology. What is its use then? Simple. To form denser spacing or gap in the hitting area for a more anticipated and controlled response. Isn’t this an extraordinary thing? Surely it is!

For players loving power, this piece has come up with a speedy, rapid swing weight, which comes around quickly on groundstrokes and allowing good stability against the pace of higher levels. Also, it can be handled with more ease when playing shots on the run or whipping up the required shot speed for a magical spin. With more BalanceBalance, speed, and firmness, this racquet is a WARRIOR, which can give opponents a tough time on the court by making enough touches to place the ball into tight spaces and keeping you on top of your game all the time. 


                 –Head Size=97square inch/625.81 cm2

                 –Length=27inch/68.58 cm2

                 –Strung Weight=11.70 oz/332 gm

                 –Balance=12.6 inch/32 cm/7 pts HL

                 –Swingweight=321 Stiffness=66

                 –Composition= Graphite braided with aramid

                 –Stroke Style= Full

                 –String tension =50-60 pounds

                 –Swing speed=Fast

                 –String pattern= 16*19


  • Excellent precision and feel
  • Lighter weight version
  • Plays good
  • comfortable 





  • N/A


Overall, it is a superb tennis racquet to use; it provides sheer power, comfort, BalanceBalance, spin, and control to skyrocket your confidence while playing and keeps you on top of your game all the time. Players like Roberto Bautista Agut, Grigor Dimitrov, Petra Kvitova, and others are endorsed with the WILSON PRO STAFF 97 v13. Were you still thinking about making your move? Come on! Just go for it. You can trust us! 

Wilson Blade 98
Wilson Blade 98

Another piece of a bombshell in our list of the BEST WILSON TENNIS RACQUETS. The Wilson Blade 98 v7, undeniably, is a magnificent structure that turns up with stylish and minimalist design along with it and interestingly with the detailed, fresh, smooth velvety paint finishing that was released into the market with Roger Federer’s Pro Staff RF97 autograph. Sounds epic, doesn’t it? More to offer, this combatant acquires a higher head light balance than its forerunner, higher swing weight, so gifting it a whole lot more power to you. Insane! Right?   

Okay, so let’s talk about the notably remarkable technologies that it appears with. Firstly, it has a buttery 62RA flex following the FEELFLEX technology, which applies Wilson’s proprietary carbon mapping to give an addition to torsional solidity and supports by bending in different ways that suit and compliments modern swing path to provide you with more power and spin.

It has a giraffe-like long grip taper at the top side of the handle and delivers better hand positioning and more strength for players with two-handed backhands. Magnificent for rough groundstrokes as it pleasures with inarguable seductive feel to the player using it. Bighead size and an 18*20 string pattern give a predictable and laser-like flight path, making it suitable for big hitters.
Not only that, it has as much high as 330+ swing weight that supports the racquet on making blocks, chips, and counter-punches, decreased spec variance (+/- 5.5gm) for adding consistency frame to frame. Build with braided graphite + Basalt composition that ensures fantastic feel and control.

Let’s have a look at its


                     –Strung weight=11.4oz/323gm

                     –Beam width =20.6mm


                     –String= 18*20

                     –Length= 27inch




  • Good blend of power and control
  • Excellent value
  • Connected feel



  • N/A

Recommended string =Wilson sensation -16(1.30mm)
Recommended string for spin= Luxilon Alu Power rough- 16l(1.25mm)

On the whole, this tennis racquet will give you a great experience and also will keep you ahead of the curve if you are in search of an aggressive, traditional, classy tennis racquet with outstanding control, feel, and power. Professional players like Stefanos Tsitsipas, David Goffin, Pablo Carreno Busta are also associated with this fantastic tennis racquet. Comes up with tremendous tri-colored fashion – lime green, black, and silver. Grab your favorite one and give your tennis skills an acceleration with the WILSON BLADE 98 v7

3. Wilson Clash 100 UL Rkt Tennis Performance Racket
3. Wilson Clash 100 UL Rkt Tennis Performance Racket

As the name speaks for the product itself, the Wilson Clash 100 UL performance racket is the gem you have been looking for. Why? The answer is crystal clear.
Wilson presented revolutionary technology to starters, intermediates, and people who desire more maneuverable racquets that supply a unique feel.

This is the lightest choice in Wilson’s Clash series so far for adults, along with its excellent geometry. Arguably, one fact that keeps this racquet on a different page than other ones is its low stiffness rating, for which it is in demand in the market, mainly for looking to play with an arm-friendly racquet with absolute comfort. The Wilson Clash 100 Ul has been constructed with intelligent technologies like FEELFLEX AND STABLESMART, which, both together, help racquet bend favorably at impact without abandoning the strong, crispy feel of the modern tennis racquets.

It is an expert on giving you your perfect feel, not only with its thunder-like speed but also with its breath-taking stability and makes performing groundstrokes a breeze! The low weight of the racquet enables you to execute your favorite shots while running with faster swing whenever needed and helps in easy shot placements. Its rapid lightning acceleration and an open 16*19 string pattern provide plenty of swings, and practical and successful volleys can be carried out. Wilson Clash 100 Ul is astoundingly precise, which helps in powerful serves. 


Head =645.16 cm2 /100 sq inch

              –Length= 27inch/ 68.58cm

              –Strung Weight= 9.9oz/ 280gm

              –Balance=13.38in/33.99cm/1 pts HL

              –Swingweight= 299


              –Beam Width=24.5mm/24.5mm/24.5mm

              –Composition= Graphite

              –Power=Low to Medium

              –Color Available– Black/Grey/Red

              –String tension= 49-59 pounds

              –String Pattern= 16*19


  • Good for a comfort
  • Softer powerful feel
  • Control and durability



  • Not many

Altogether it is an ideal choice for improving players who want their playing to look like a cakewalk. You are promised to have a gala time with this racquet and slay opponents in matches.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet

 In tennis, whether you win a match or lose it, it depends on the racquet that you have held throughout the game, and so if you wish to be on the winning side of the match, then Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is the most suitable weapon that you’ll ever hold.

There are tons of opinions out there about this racquet, but we focus on the best ones.

This highly famous tennis racquet falls under the category “Tweener Tennis racquet,” and the brand has put all the good aspects to form a tennis racquet that equips both lively POWER and CONTROL in it. Another thing that will please you is that it comes up strung, so you don’t have to worry about the stringing part.

watch video Wilson HyperHammer 5.3 OS Tennis Racquet

The compelling and uniquely crafted design makes it more eye-soothing and attractive. More to offer, this beastly racquet has an oversize head, 16*20 open string pattern that reinforces spin,10 point head heavy frame, and 28mm dual taper beam width, gifts a massive sweet spot that generates humungous power while playing shots that are not hit in the very center of the racquet. Doesn’t it sound epic? Surely it does!

Besides, the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 tennis racquet is 27.5 inches in length, and as a result, it enables players to reach for farther balls, unplayable serves, and vibrant volleys.

On top of that, this great piece of tool is prepared and manufactured with modern technologies to handle the game with comfort. Hyper Carbon 

is used in this racquet to ensure tremendous performance by increasing the speed, power, and stability of the racquet. Hyper Carbon is said to be the first-ever ultra-high modulus graphite used in a tennis racquet. When combined with graphite, it becomes flexible material with four times the strength, four times stiffness, and 65% lighter than titanium. But that’s not it; hyper carbon also allows the racquet to be maneuvered with ease and provide a maximum feel to your shots. Unbelievable! Isn’t it? Do you know that Hyper Carbon is used in aerospace industries to build airplanes and satellites? Now see the level of creativity WILSON has shown by putting the same material in a tennis racquet. Genius stuff!

Not only foul shots, but its well-built, resilient frame gives you supremacy over ball placement, wherever you want. The open string pattern also generates some magical spin that will leave the opponents and audiences shell-shocked. 


Head size=110 sq inch/709.68cm2




Strung Weight=9oz/255gm


Balance= 14.8in/37.59 cm/8 pts HH




String Tension=55-65 pounds


  • Powerful shots
  • Great racquet
  • Awesome power! 
  • Comfortable grip
  • Stiff frame



  • N/A
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet

Finally, this is an excellent product of WILSON, perfect for recreational players and intermediate players to generate power, spin, and pace with it. This is a wilson best tennis racquets Providing maximum feel to your shots and more excellent stability, this racquet will give you a time of your lifetime and a delightful experience on the tennis court. Are you ready for it? Boost your confidence with the WILSON HYPER HAMMER 5.3 tennis racquet.  

Wilson Six.One Lite 102 Tennis Racquet
Wilson Six.One Lite 102 Tennis Racquet

One of the finest of the sports industry, WILSON, has brought the absolute joy of tennis players in the perfect shape of Wilson Six. One Lite 102 tennis racquet. This mat white and bright red colored stick is a phenomenal racquet, which is more classy, stylish, and simple in its way.

According to Wilson, it is the lightest and maneuverable member ever produced in the Six. One series so far, and taking this as an advantage, the starter and intermediate players feel tremendously attracted towards it since it can give them more pace and spin—also a fact to tell that the lightweight of the Six. One lite 102 edition helps severely complete successful and powerful serves, where this stick whips very comfortably. 

The next big thing about this picture-perfect racquet is that its 102 sq inch head size delivers an excellent margin of error, which eventually causes fewer dead hits when the contact with the ball is less than flawless. Moreover, the big head size enhances power, and all the credit goes to its trampoline effect that comes with the racquet. How cool that is! 

Brilliant BalanceBalance of 34cm appears to be an excellent use for rapid acceleration and hitting the ball with a fantastic amount of speed. 

Another notable characteristic of this gorgeous piece of the stick is its 16*20 string pattern that makes a certain reasonable amount of spin and especially pleases those who enjoy hitting topspin.


Head size=102 sq inch / 658cm2  

               –Weight unstrung =8.8oz /249gm

               –Composition=Graphite Basalte

               –Length= 27in/ 68.6cm

               –Stiffness= 67 RA

               –Balance unstrung= 13.39 in/ 34 cm

               –Beam Width=23.5mm

               –String patter=16*20


  • Good quality racquet
  • Lightweight frame  for powerful shots 
  • Balanced racket


  • N/A
Wilson Six.One Lite 102 Tennis Racquet
Wilson Six.One Lite 102 Tennis Racquet
Wilson Six.One Lite racket
Wilson Six.One Lite

On the whole, this product, indeed, is a must-try for those players who are looking for speedy, controllable, powerful, comfortable, stable, great spin, and enough feel in a tennis racquet. Guys, this one’s undoubtedly for you. It is highly maneuverable and well suited for quick reactions.


All the products that we have reviewed are excellent choices, each one is better than the next one, but you have to be specific about your tennis racquet, which solely depends on the kind of tennis you play.      If you are a beginner, then beginner tennis is discussed. With many many racquets available in the market, it is a tough call to choose your type of tennis racquet, and that is what our review was all about making sure you choose the best for yourself. Our recommendation is the Wilson Pro staff 97 v13 for its athletic power, comfort, style, spin, control, and BalanceBalance, making it the best tennis racquet on the whole. Players of every kind would adore this racquet and make it their unique choice for their game.  

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