wilson pro staff rf97 autograph tennis racquet

Review of the Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

Review of the Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

Wilson Pro Staff Raceday Rackets are some of the most comfortable and technologically advanced products on the market for serious players of all skill levels. Each of the models has a padded grip and a leather-covered body to withstand repeated and long hours of play. Each model also features an assortment of unique and popular options and accessory choices. Wilson has spent many years improving their products for today’s demanding player. They even have golf balls and gloves designed to perform better and endure longer than traditional golf materials.

Review of the Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet 1

Wilson is known to use high-quality materials in the production of their professional racquets. Their urethane grip material will stand up to heavy use and abuse. The Pro Staff 97L V 13 gives a lighter and smoother frame for a player who prefers the classic Pro Staff feel and precision but likes a lighter, handheld racquet with more maneuverability. This model includes new construction, Brushed Carbon, which increases accuracy by arranging the carbon fiber at 45-degree angles for superior ball-handling feel and incredible stability during the swing. The dual ball-bearing construction of the Pro Staff 97L V 13 has been optimized for maximum speed and Distance. The adjustable topspin and tapered inner shaft make precise shots while maintaining control over distance.

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One thing that really impressed me about this product is that it feels great against my finger as I swing. I could feel the weighted ring against my thumb and the well-crafted strings as I hit the ball. This overall feeling of the Pro Staff 97L V 13 made hitting extremely smooth and direct. If I am looking for a nice change of pace from my normal shots, this is definitely a nice choice.

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I also noticed that the weight distribution on this racquet provides excellent support for my wrists. My wrist is in an extremely comfortable position on the shaft, allowing for even distributing my weight between the middle and index fingers. The forefinger on the right hand also has good support from the forefinger notches on the left-hand side of the grip, allowing me to execute quick and strong serves. Overall, I was impressed with how well the Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet performed. It felt solid and responsive, even on the closing rounds of play.

The forehand side of the stick had good balance, and the weight distribution was well defined. There was a nice smooth transition from backhand to forehand, providing a crisp, clean shot. The low trajectory on my forehand ball was consistent and repeatable, while the low spin on the backswing allowed for consistent and smooth ball motion. Overall, the balance and responsiveness of the Wilson pro staff rf97 autograph tennis racquet were very impressive.

The strike speed on the downswing was surprisingly fast. It reminded me of a young kid driving school getting ready to hit the first drive of the day. As the ball approached the base of the greens, it spun nicely, staying on all the way to my forehand for a clean and successful hit. On the return, I made sure to have the proper follow-through so the ball would not spin unpredictably. All in all, the accuracy and maneuverability of the Wilson pro staff rf97 autograph tennis racquets really impressed me.

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The Wilson Pro Staff has many customizable features, including a leather bag for transporting. It also comes with an olefin racket grip, which is like a rubbery grip but more durable. This allowed me to focus on improving my groundstrokes. I noticed that I could consistently get my groundstrokes under control without much effort. This is something that I want to improve, so using the adjustable olefin grip helped me get the feel of a good grip without the sticky feeling of other synthetic grips.


  • Head size: 97 sq in
  • String Pattern: 16*9
  • Series: Pro staff
  • Length: 27 in – 68.6 cm


  • Perfect balance 
  • With easy to play 
  • Control and durability
  • Great racquet



  • N/A

Overall, the Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet offered tremendous value for the asking price. It had everything that I expected from a tennis professional quality product. It had durability, an above-average weight, and an above-average racquet head. It also allowed for a smooth transition from my forehand to my backhand down the court. All in all, this is a very nice autographed tennis gift that will last for years to come.

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