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Best Tennis racquets for beginners

Okay! Let us admit the fact that we all, at least once in our life, have thought and dreamt of playing tennis by simply watching LEGENDS like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic performing on TV. Haven” t we?


So if you have convinced yourself to give the incredible sport of tennis a shot for the very first time or maybe wanting to be back at it after a never-ending gap but in an apparent dilemma about selecting your racquet, then CHILLAX. We have brought you the solution to your problem-Best tennis racquets for beginners(both kids and adults). Enjoy the Racquet review and grab your favorite racquet from our selected TOP TENNIS RACQUETS FOR STARTERS. ENJOY THE LIST


  • HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet-Beginners Pre-Strung Head Light Balance JuniorWilson Junior Prime 25″ Tennis Racquet
  • Babolet Aero Junior 26” Tennis Racquet
  • Head Radical Junior Tennis Racquet
  • Head TI.S6 Tennis Racquet 
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Head speed kids tennis racquet- beginners pre-strung head light balance junior

If you are wondering what could be the best start to your tennis practice, then HEAD SPEED KIDS TENNIS RACQUET BEGINNERS PRE STRUNG HEAD LIGHT BALANCE JR is exactly what you are looking for. Yes, also doesn’t matter if you are not a kid. Heard me right! It is for everybody of us who is aiming to make a solid start to the game of tennis. Interesting isn’t it? I bet it is!


Why choose this one? The answer is as simple as playing pubg (HAHA). This exquisite piece of a racquet is built with  ALUMINIUM O-BEAM CONSTRUCTION, so very little chance of breaking unless you hit a hard metal body or bang it onto something(maybe a neighbor’s car?) With all of your strength. Weighing only 190gm/ 6.8 oz, the racquet is as light as a feather which therefore minimizes vibration and helps in keeping your racquet stable while you play your shots.

It comes up with a head size of 107in, a grip size of 3.75in, and a length of 24inches.


  • Head is a great brand of tennis racquet
  • Balanced Lightweight and nice colors.
  • comfortable 
  • Really good looking racket.





  • N/A
Head speed tennis racquet- beginners
1) Head speed kids tennis racquet- beginners pre-strung head light balance junior

Great for beginners and comes in different ranges. It’s a must-try option according to us. Grab your favorite colored one and have a splendid time, using it to ace the game. 


“WILSON” a name and a brand that is trusted and relied on by the sports sector of the whole world.” FAMOUS FOR BEING FAMOUS”  the company produces quality-full products and provides tennis equipment over a large margin. So what’s stopping you to go for the best and kick off your tennis career with a bang?

 WILSON Junior Prime 25”Tennis racquet.The racquet comes up with a unique level of charm, class, and style along with it. Inspired by Wilson’s adult performance prime 03, it is specialized and created in such a way that it enhances your playability, precision, comfort and is made suitable for any style of play. Weighing just 0.6 pounds only, playing tennis with this one is much more fun, fascinating and fantastic. Already pumped up? I bet you are! It’s the Best Wilson tennis racquets. More Wilson tennis racquets discussed. 


  • Great beginner tennis racket
  • light weight
  • handle is easy



  •  poor packaging
Babolet Aero Junior 26” Tennis Racquet
Babolet Aero Tennis Racquet

Another beast on our list! The monstrous Babolat Aero Junior 26” is the best starting racquet if you intend to play with more comfort and control.

Developed with technologies like Aeromodular2 and FSI spin, loading inspiration from the great RAFAEL NADAL. The combination of these smart technologies provides and allows maximum spin and acceleration to the ball while playing. It is like a cherry on a cake for players looking to play with more power and topspin with this amazing racquet. Sounds exhilarating, doesn’t it?


Originally, BABOLAT was originated in France and very soon it became very popular worldwide for its excellent strings and racquets. Even players like RAFAEL NADAL, ALBERT RAMOS, RYAN HARRISON uses racquets of BABOLAT and make it more unique and desirable for people looking for QUALITY  products.  The body fully nourished with Graphite, this extra-ordinary piece of the gem comes up with a head size:100 sq inches, Length:26inch, Strung weight:9.2 oz, and string pattern:16*19. What else do u need? Kylie Jenner?

What are you waiting for then? Throw that mood of “Okay imma buy em later” away and pay a visit to the page to grab your favorite styled Babolat Aero Junior 26” tennis racquet  –  


  • Lightweight for young tennis player
  • Excellent
  • User-friendly
  • performance is much better




  • N/A
Babolet Aero Junior 26” Tennis Racquet 1
Babolet Aero Junior 26” Tennis Racquet 1
HEAD Radical Junior Tennis Racquet
HEAD Radical Junior Tennis Racquet

“If playing Tennis is an Art then Head Radical Junior Tennis Racquet prepares and builds you to be the PICASSO of it”. Not believing me? Okay, let’s discuss then. HEAD franchise presents to all those beginners, who are still weeping on how to commence their journey on the road of tennis, a perfect bombshell to sort out their problem. Like the lightweight feel, strings are tight. The kid likes the carrying case!

Highlighting the exact similar cosmetic that is used for the PRO TOUR, makes it glow differently and adds an unparallel texture to it. More noticeable to searching eyes. Because of its lightweight and 26inches of length, using this master-piece is a cake-walk, extremely easy to handle with more comfort than ever. Stars of the game like Andy Murray, Andre Agassa are also associated with the Radical franchise for years now. Also to add, it has a mind-blowing DAMPPLUS TECHNOLOGY to reduce strong shaky and vibrating impacts which keeps you on top of your game.

A big head size of 105 sq inches significantly improves your shots by making effective contacts and makes you rule the court. Unbelievably, a great tool to sky-rocket your confidence and gifting you smooth gameplay with tons of enjoyment in the game. 
Despite being a junior racket, it has enough of a reach, and it is very light.
Its length is an only bit shorter than an adult racket. It’s the best tennis Racquets for beginners.
Its lightweight makes it easy to swing.
Good design and perfect finish racket



– Head Size= 105 sq inches

                  -Length=26 inches

                  -Weight=8.6 ounces


                  -String Pattern=16*19


A piece of MAGIC! What’s worth the wait then?

Great racquet for a great price. View product details at –


  • lightweight feel
  • Great value
  • Strings are tight
  • Easy to swing.



  • N/A
HEAD Radical Junior Tennis Racquet
HEAD Radical Junior Tennis Racquet

The HEAD TI.S6 Tennis Racquet is one of the only few racquets in the market that are explosively powerful and a true monster of a tennis racquet.


Designed and perfected with TITANIUM, this racquet ensures more power and control than any other ones of the TI series! Comes up with an exclusive frame with excellent torsional stability and high durability. This warrior-like racquet equips a big head that blends a balance of power tempered with an open string pattern; suitable and compatible for spin artists. Not only that, but also to add that, it appears with a SHOCKSTOPTM TECHNOLOGY which helps in decreasing vibrations while you play your dream shots and show off your hitting skills in front of your crush(imagine she still ignores you). Marshmallow-like grip promises ideal comfort and no injury to your palm.


Head Size =115 sq inches/742 sq cm


                -Strung Weight=8.9oz/228gm

                -Balance=8pts Head heavy

                -Swing Weight=318


                -String Pattern=16*19


  • very light and well balanced
  • It’s easy to handle
  • good control



  •  little vibration

Like you saw above, it is an immensely great racquet for a tennis beginner to commence with. Contains mesmerizing kinds of stuff that other racquets cannot sufficiently match with. Why not check it out now?

tennis ground
tennis ground

We have shown you our BEST RATED TENNIS RACQUETS FOR BEGINNERS with a review of each of the products to bring the real picture out to you so that you can see, understand and decide which one is your kind of racquet and you desire the most. All these racquets are built with perfection keeping a lot of things in mind so that the beginners can make an auspicious start and terminate their stress, nervousness, and fear.


With thousands of different kinds of racquets readily available on market, it sometimes can be confusing and be as tough as finding a needle in a haystack. You’ll be needing a racquet that promises you power, as tennis players take shorter and more compact swings when they are learning tennis.

Therefore, it is recommended that the HEAD TI.S6 will be a good match since it will act as a combination of power, control, balance, feel and spin which are the ”must learn” for a beginner tennis player. 

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