Best tennis racquet brand

Best Tennis Racquet Brands


If you go out to the market with a clear and positive intention of buying a tennis racquet, then trust me, you’ll return home empty-handed and with a puzzled brain. Why? Because there are tons of brands out there claiming they are the best tennis racquet brands and so you land in between dilemmas. 


Even online, if you search, you will get to see varieties of brands and not only that but varieties within types as different brands release different editions of racquets. But the best tennis racquet brands will always emerge out from the others, not only because they are sponsored and ambassadors by some renowned, famous faces of the tennis world but also because of the length of time they have been around in this field. 


  • HEAD

These brands that are listed above are the most trending ones in today’s world. Wilson, Babolat, Head, and Prince are different in their separate ways, but the common thing they share is that they ensure a quality product that none can beat. They show a considerable variation of products that are perfect for any play. Customers with closed eyes are ready to buy such products as they have a solid and immense belief in these brands. Isn’t it simply outstanding? It is! Okay, now let’s take a deeper look at the current four best tennis racquet brands.


“WILSON,” a name is rocking the sports industry since 1913, founded by Thomas E.Wilson. Interestingly, this brand is famous in the tennis world, but also they are equally popular and desired in other sports like Basketball, Golf, Baseball, etc. Anyone with a basic knowledge of sports can recognize WILSON with ease. At present, they are the highest-selling company, and professionals prefer Wilson more than anything else. In a word, MAJESTIC!



Be you are 10, 15, 24, 30, or even 40, Wilson has racquets for all aged players. No matter what skills you equip, there is always something for Wilson to offer to and that is precisely one of the major causes of this brand tasting so much success. 


Talking of success, this brand is sponsored by living legends and the best of the game like – ROGER FEDERER, SERENA WILLIAMS, KEI. 

NISHIKORI, STEFANOS TSITSIPAS and others. Federer has his signature racquet, designed by Wilson, which has been the company’s lucky charm as it is one of their top-selling products. The craze for Federer is insane; people only buy this particular racquet only because Federer uses and endorses it. They don’t wish to know about the specification of the racquet. 


Now, let us look at Wilson’s Top tennis racquets for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced players.

we also have a detailed review on Best Wilson Tennis Racquets if you want to check that out.



Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3  

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is an oversized racquet compared to other beginner racquets, but to be honest, it is not that much of a big deal, as it will somewhat decrease the possibilities of mishits and causing you to not lose your self-confidence at an early stage of playing tennis. 


The good impression of this racquet commences with its big head size, making it more accessible for better hits and shots. A length of 27.5 inches will be easier to reach the ball and providing perfect leverages so that you can complete your photos like a boss. The head part is a little heavier with a swing rate medium-low, enabling you to play shots with sheer power. The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 will give an excellent start for beginners as it will provide a package of feel and satisfaction to the players and boosting their inner confidence in the sky. 


– Head size=110 sq inch/709.68cm2


Strung Weight=9oz/255gm             

Balance= 14.8in/37.59 cm/8 pts HH        


String Tension=55-65 pounds

Best Wilson Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players

Wilson Clash 100


The Wilson Clash 100 is a brilliant piece of a racquet that has amazed people already after its release into the markets. After this racquet, people are going crazily and has successfully made it one of the best seller in the markets. The new technology FreeFlex and StableSmart gifts more flexibility and power to the racquet and feels immensely well with every swing. 


This racquet comes up with a head size of 100sq inches, which is considered ideal for intermediate players. Has enough sweet spot. Moreover, it is comparatively lighter( 312 gm/ 11oz) than other racquets, enabling you to swing freely and play some masterclass shots of yours that you have been learning from your idol.


This 27inches long racquet also has a comfortable grip, medium-fast swing type, and string patterns 16*19. In simple words, just outstanding! People should give it a try, and why not? Even the pro ones are switching to this incredible racquet. It is one of the best tennis racquets that you can find, and we are proud to disclose this to you. 


– Head =645.16 cm2 /100 sq inch

              –Length= 27inch/ 68.58cm

              –Strung Weight= 9.9oz/ 280gm

              –Balance=13.38in/33.99cm/1 pts HL

              –Swingweight= 299


              –Beam Width=24.5mm/24.5mm/24.5mm

              –Composition= Graphite

              –Power=Low to Medium

Best Wilson Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 


Most people know it as the ROGER FEDERER racquet. Wilson and Federer collaborated, letting Roger design the racquet according to his needs. With a head size of 97 inches, strung weight of 12.6 ounces, this beast-like racquet is the perfect thing you would want to hold on a tennis court. The head size is ideal for players who can control their strokes and for players who wish for excellent stability. Length of 27.52 inches helps reach the ball with comfort and an open string pattern of 16*19 for potential spin and forgiveness. This Graphite body is solid and flexible, and its 12 point head balance helps improve maneuverability, keeping you on the right top of your game the whole time. It is not only for Roger Federer fans but also for all of us who love tennis. Want to get an exceptional feel and ace the game at the same time? Try this insanely good product out, and you will not be disappointed—one of the best tennis racquets for advanced and pro players. More read another article  Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph Tennis Racquet.


Head Size=97square inch/625.81 cm2

                 –Length=27inch/68.58 cm2

                 –Strung Weight=11.70 oz/332 gm

                 –Balance=12.6 inch/32 cm/7 pts HL

                 –Swingweight=321 Stiffness=66

                 –Composition= Graphite braided with aramid

                 –Stroke Style= Full


Babolat, a famous company for its solid strings, just came a few decades ago into the limelight. Before that, they were not considered a competitor by other sporting brands. They quickly switched from making strings to making tennis racquets, and with some unique, valuable faces advertising for their product, the company started getting fame in real quick time. They are now rocking up the rankings and are hugely considered one of the best tennis racquet brands in the world.

Babolat is said to be more focused on accessibility than on anything else, which is an excellent consideration for players that are just starting their tennis career but the pros and experts use their ranks often show that Babolat can also be more creative with the quality of its products. 

Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Caroline Wozniacki, and Garbine Muguruzza are some of the current players who are the brand ambassadors of Babolat Tennis Racquets

Best Babolat Racquet for Beginners

Babolat Pure Aero

Kicking off your tennis career with the Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is an excellent option to select. Many professional players use this one to stay at the top of their game, so it ought to be good.

Its feather-like weight makes it easier to control and run with it, has a sweet spot that provides immense power while playing your shots. 

Twenty-seven inches long, the head size of 100 sq inches, swing weight of 324, and string pattern of 16*19 makes it highly ravishing and demanding for players looking for power, spin, feel, control and stability. Pure Aero has different versions. Make sure you select the correct one that goes appropriately with you. 

Best Babolat Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players

Babolat Pure Aero Tour 

So this model of tennis racquet, the Babolat Pure Aero Tour 2019, is a particular type of racquet that fits every kind of player, but it is suggested that the intermediate and pro players should take a shot at this one. Weighing just around 12 ounces, it is one of the heaviest racquets that belongs to this series. With all things being the same compared to the standard ones, this edition will surprise you with a little more power and superb stability. Great spin and perfect serves are among the many reasons this stick is preferred more by local club players. 

It comes up with a strung weight of 11.8 ounces, the average head size of 100 sq inches, 27 inches long with string pattern 16*19, body fully furnished with graphite, this is just the perfect, classy tennis racquet that defines the sport of tennis.

Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

Babolat Pure Drive 

The Babolat Pure Drive is enhanced and built so that it will provide you with a terrific feel and extraordinary power. Unfortunately, not all players can keep pace with this magnificent structure, but only the advanced players are more comfortable with this one. Although different people feel differently, this particular racquet will support you with stability against the ball’s hard hitters and offer incredible maneuverability. 

The Babolat Pure Drive is composed of graphite, having a big head size of 100 sq inches, making it more possible for the ball to contact the central part of the racquet, length of 27inches/68.58 cm, enough for reaching out to the ball and hitting it well.

Strung weight of 11.2 oz or 318 gm, a light racquet made suitable for handling with sheer comfort. Stiffness= 71, Power= Low-Med, Swing Speed= Med-Fast, comes with a string pattern of 16*19. Altogether, the Babolat Pure Drive is certainly one of the top choices for those who demand light and explosive racquets. Advanced players should give this a try


Like its name, the head has proven several times why it is the head of all tennis racquets. Head has an impressive variety of racquets that depends on your playing style and not your age. Athletism, trust, and stability are all that you can expect from this excellent sporting company. However, it is rarely considered very famous, but if you go to some experts and professional players, most disagree that the head doesn’t deliver quality products.

Fourteen-time Grand Slam Champion Novak Djokovic, # time Grand Slam Champion Andy Murray, Matteo Berrettini, Ash Barty are a few of the global endorsers of the Head brand currently. They all played with Head racquets for a few years now and had their peak, best moments in their career while playing with the exquisite Head racquets. The Head racquet family consists of the Speed edition, Radical edition, Instinct edition, Prestige edition, and the Extreme silos. 

Let us dig in some more and look at the best individual racquet for different types of players. First on the list; 

Best Beginner Head Tennis Racquet

Head Ti.S6 

As I said earlier that it is ultimately a false idea that the head does not make out good products, read this out now. Head is simply terrific in terms of making racquets for players with different skills and playing styles. The Head Ti.S6 is one of those magnificent creations of the company that may have given the beginners their best gift. 

But how so? To commence with, it is pretty cheap, and one can afford it with no pressure on his mind, which is always a delightful thing, keeping in mind that one can also easily upgrade to the following versions of the prices are reasonable.

With a big head size of 115 sq inches, it perfectly blends a balance of power also, an open string pattern 16*19, which is ideal for spin artists to display their art. Easy to swing freely and almost every time, ensuring contact with the ball. Excellent torsional stability and guarantees more durability.

Comes up with a technology included called Shockstop, which supports in stopping vibrations while playing shots. Weighing only 8.9 ounces and a length of 27.75 inches makes it the picture-perfect formula of success. It is for everyone who aims to learn proper strokes and to have a sweet experience on the court. Head TI.S6 detail review is discussed in another blog as Best Tennis racquets for beginners. This is a great beginner tennis racquet.

Best Intermediate Head Tennis Racquet

Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP 

The Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP is an exquisite racquet manufactured by HEAD; Among all other families of racquets of the head, the instinct is arguably one of the best racquets that have been made for intermediate players.

This racquet is designed for explosive acceleration, power pack performance extreme spin generation. Precise for huge swinging intermediate players. You can get much power from service, and playing with it feels just a cakewalk. 

Sponsored by Maria Sharapova, the signature technology that it comes with is the Graphene 360+, which adds the stability and power of grapheme 360 with SpiralFibers, causing to give a precise feel impact. Headsize of 100 sq inches, which is decent for good contact with the ball, typical length of the racquet is 27 inches, just perfect for reaching out to the ball. Strung weight is 11.2oz or 318 gm, which is not so much weight in the case of a tennis racquet. Sadly, the swing weight is a little bit low (314), which the intermediate players will not be a fan of. Stiffness of 64 and finally string pattern of 16*19 completes the amazing Head Graphene 360 Instinct Mp. The upgraded technologies that are used increase its charm hugely, and it has made it into the list of Top Tennis racquet for intermediate players

Best Advanced Head Tennis Racquet

Head Graphene 360 Radical MP


The Head Graphene 360 Radical Mp has been one of the most sold and popular tennis racquets for the past few years. With the Graphene 360 Radical Mp, Head adds another thriller into the Radical family. There is a good possibility of 3 out of 5 advanced players choosing this beastly racquet other than any brand racquet. Yes, its fame is on another level. 

But why? The answer is clear. The Radical Mp is by far lighter, speedy, and powerful than a traditional player’s racquet. The racquet comes up with Graphene 360, which structurally reinforces the hitting location making it more powerful and giving your shots some supernatural strength and control. 

The racquet features a head size of 98 sq inches, suitable for advanced players, a length of 27 inches just like a typical advanced player’s racquet. More to add, this thing is quite light-weighted compared to other racquets, only 11 ounces, which enables you to play your favorite shots with ease and supports in running pictures and flicks. Balance 12.75 inches, Swingweight is 324, and therefore it swings very smoothly with stuffed control built-in.

Great spin generation, and players are left stunned by the amount it spins with. They can hit shots that are extremely difficult to play with very much ease and control; this is one of the facts they adore about this racquet. A string pattern of 16*19 gives all those advantages of spin one expects from a good tennis racquet.

An insane product that is undoubtedly try-worthy for advanced players


Different generations have different tastes, and the brands target exactly this critical point to extend and improvise their business. Prince similarly has vast popularity among people of the old generation. Older people prefer mostly Prince tennis racquets as they play tennis after their retirement. But again, that does not necessarily mean that Prince only manufactures goods for older adults. No. They make tons of modern, unique racquets that fit beginners’ playing style, intermediate and advanced players. 

Though they are not exactly on the same page as Wilson Babolat and others in terms of sponsorship, they have their gem, John Isner, their only endorser, a professional tennis player. But you also cannot underestimate the brand. After all, sponsorship doesn’t determine the quality of the company. 

Let us see some tennis racquets from Prince

Best Prince tennis Racquet For Beginners

Prince Textreme Premier110 Racquet 


Perfectly build for beginners, the Prince Textreme Premier 110 is a very lightweight racquet that offers Power, Control, and comfort. How great is that! Right? A classic look that intensifies its impression much more, and people fall in love with the look it comes up with. 

You made it with O3 technology, which generates power in the head to smash the ball as hard as you can without giving extra effort. Has a large sweet spot. Also, to add that, this particular racquet has a TeXtreme effect that significantly decreases the twisting of the frame and amplifies the racquet’s stability. 

Let’s look at the features that it has. Firstly, its lightweight is more noticeable to people, comes with an unstrung weight of 265gm, a big head size 110 sq inches, which beginners adore, string pattern 16*19 the usual one 27.5 inches long.

This racquet is an all-rounder in terms of power, spin, stability, control, and durability. It would be a treat for beginners having to play with the Prince Textreme Premier 110 racquet.

Best Intermediate Prince Tennis Racquet

Prince Textreme Warrior 100

If you are looking for a boost in your tennis career, then the Prince Textreme Warrior 100 is the perfect company in this incredible journey. A racquet is a spin-generating machine! Suites all kinds of modern playing styles that you don’t know existed(haha). But goes brilliantly with players of intermediate level. Intermediate players adore the long body of the racquet.

It enables accessible swings and provides immense power on every serves. But the only thing that the players won’t like is its stability. Otherwise, the racquet is an expert handling volley and put-aways.

The racquet equips a head size of 100 sq inches, length of 27 inches, weighing in just at 11.14oz, impressive swing weight 320, and its string pattern of 16*19.

All in all, this racquet won’t disappoint you. A decent tennis racquet, balanced in all the ways. Do try to give it a shot.

Best Advanced Prince Tennis Racquet

Prince Phantom Pro 93P 

For people who love to have a terrific feel and control in your tennis racquet, the Prince Phantom Pro 93P is here to delight you. Yes, mates, I am talking about one of the most iconic, anticipated classic racquets- Prince Phantom Pro 93P. 

Interestingly, this racquet has the smallest of head sizes in the whole advanced category racquets and even in this entire article. It is not an easy racquet to play with, but for players who demand great control, feel and power, it works out smoothly for them.

The tennis racquet features a head size of 93 sq inches, which will be suitable for accuracy and control, a weight of 11.6 oz, a string pattern of 18*20, 27 inches long, and a swing balance of 300.

But just like the two sides of a coin, this racquet also has a negative side. That is, players have to swing hard and fast to develop power behind their shot. If he perfectly executes that on the court, then no one’s stopping him from delivering his best performance—another must-try racquet on the list for advanced players.

How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquets?

If you are a new tennis player and you want to purchase the best tennis racquets, then there are a lot of factors that you should consider. You can find some great offers online or at your local shopping mall. However, you need to make sure that you get the best tennis racquets when you make your purchase. Some of these racquets are not made for the fitness-minded player. For this reason, you must make sure that you know what you are getting when you purchase a new racquet. Here is a short guide on some of the most popular racquets on the market today.

Babolat: This is a brand that is known throughout the tennis world. The Babolat brand was created in 1990 and is known for its top quality and extreme comfort. Babolat racquets are not made cheaply. They are considered to be some of the best racquets on the market. This is especially true when you think about the durability of each racquet.

Wilson: Wilson tennis racquets are made in the United States and are prevalent in every country. The majority of Wilson racquets are considered heavyweight, but they are also made using the best materials. As with any brand, Wilson racquets come in all types and price ranges.

Prince: This brand is widely recognized as one of the best brands on the market. The Prince brand name is a combination of performance and style. They do produce tennis equipment and other sports equipment such as fishing poles and weights used for body training.

Brands With A Long History Tennis equipment has been manufactured by companies with a long history in the industry. Many of these companies have been producing racquets for a long time. Brands with a long history in the business will always be on the leading edge of technological advances. These racquets will keep improving as long as the companies produce them. If a company continues to invest in technology and racquets, it will provide consumers with the best racquets available today.

Brands With A Wide Array Of Products There are companies out there that focus on a specific niche. For example, Oakley is a brand that is very popular with outdoorsmen. Their outdoor range includes sunglasses, head guards, and many other products. Head racquets are another type of product that you may find from companies such as this. This is because they are focused on improving their own range rather than broadening their customer base.

Brands With A Proven Track Record Brands will always put their best foot forward when it comes to racquets. They will not compromise quality to provide racquets to their clients. It is important to remember that not every company will be as good as its competitors. However, if you look at the best racquets out there, you will notice that some companies spend a lot of money and put lots of effort into their products. It is worth checking out the racquets a company has produced in the past to determine whether or not they will be good enough for you.

Brand Value In general, the best tennis racquets will be made by a company you feel comfortable buying from. You should never sacrifice quality for brand value. In addition, you should never buy a cheap product simply because of a brand value. The best companies will use the best materials possible to provide you with racquets that you can enjoy using for many years to come. You should choose a brand that you feel passionate about to buy quality products that you know will last you a long time.



Which Racquet is the Best? A common question arrives in every tennis player’s mind, but the answer to that is straightforward. The short answer is that NO TENNIS RACQUET IS PERFECT. Yes, deal with it. The companies manufacture 15 to 20 different kinds of models, each with a unique advantage or purpose that meets the demand of other players. The aim is to find which kind of playing style you are comfortable with and get yourself a racquet matching that.

Which size racket is for me?

Generally, it is a very personal choice on which head size to select. But having said that, oversize provides a more significant sweet spot and a higher margin for forgiveness, which is indeed a helpful one if you belong from the beginner or lower intermediate category. Again, Higher-intermediate or Advanced player prefers Medium-sized Head as they get more control and maneuverability out of it. So choose wisely.

Which one is better?

Lightweight racquet or heavyweight racquet?
Lightweight racquets are good precisely because of the great swing they allow, but it is recommended to use the heavyweight racquets only if you are comfortable with them and can carry them throughout the match.

What is the advantage of a longer racquet?

A longer racquet allows you to reach the ball more efficiently, with enough comfort, and strike the ball with more power. At the same time, the standard length of the racquet gives much more control and maneuverability to you. Decide which one you want.



There are hundreds of thousands of different racquet brands and racquet models readily available on the market, so it might be a very tough job to select anyone amongst huge options. That is why we brought to you the best tennis racquet brands that are incredibly high on demand and manufacturer of quality products. All these racquets might not be equally excellent, but the quality assurance is shared between them. Choose your racquet wisely, know your level as a player and then go for your perfect racquet. Don’t be blindfolded by prices or sponsorships of brands. Best of luck, and thank you for your valuable time reading this.

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